5 Things to Consider While Buying a Pool Cue

Pool is a wildly entertaining cue sport. Many people play the game regularly at pool clubs and pubs. In this multiplayer game, you have to pocket your designated balls (either stripes or solids) using a cue stick and a cue ball. When you pocket all your designated balls followed by the 8 ball, you win the game. 

We know that sounds very easy. But we could only wish the pool game was as easy as grabbing the cues from the rack! If you are a beginner, you will need a lot of practice and focus to ace the game. The same goes for pool games online. 

If you really want to improve your game, you can start by picking the right pool cue stick. Yes, you heard that right. The cue stick plays an essential role in real world pool as well as online pool games. It can affect your play significantly.

So to help you ace the game, here are 5 points to consider while buying a cue stick.

Cue Tip Diameter

The diameter of the cue tip can affect your play greatly. The available sizes of cue tips vary from 9 mm to 13 mm. If you are a beginner, you can start with a tip size of 13 mm. Cue tips with a larger surface area can help you with tough shots. On the other hand, smaller cue tips are useful to make spin shots. But you have to be very careful and accurate while shooting the ball. 

Cue Length

For full control of the game, the pool cue should fit perfectly with the length of your arm. A standard pool cue is 57 to 58 inches long. Players between 5 ft. 8 inches to 6 ft 5 inches can use it comfortably. Smaller sticks can reduce bridge hand to the ball and they are useful for break shots. However, they cannot be used for spin shots and long shots.

Right Cue Weight

Generally the main weight of a cue stick is around the butt end. You can choose a cue of any weight depending on your comfort level. If you feel heavier at the back of your hand, you can purchase a lighter one. The weight of a pool cue ranges from 17 to 21 ounces. People with shorter height should go for lighter cues as that will make it easier for them to raise the cue tip while taking shots. 


Nowadays cue sticks are manufactured using different materials. However, maple sticks are considered the best on the market. While buying a stick, pick the material that feels right for you. You should also consider the hardness and arrow that points towards the cue tip. 


High-quality cues are hand-made but are on the expensive side, whereas low-quality cues are manufactured using machines and are pocket-friendly. Whether you should choose a hand-made or machine-made cue depends on your budget, your comfort level and how serious you are about enhancing your pool game.

Pool is wildly entertaining, and now you can also enjoy the game virtually. You can improve your game by choosing the right cue stick. We hope this article will help you pick the right one!

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