6 Essential Shots To Be A Pool Pro

If you’re aspiring to be a 8 ball pool legend, you not just need to play well but also astonish everyone with the shots you take at the tables. To raise the eyebrows after every shot, here is a list of 6 super fine pool game shots which pool players make to stand out.

The Break

It’s the first shot which you’ll use to introduce yourself at the pool tables. Be mindful how you smash into the rack and present your opening shot. The goal is to spread the balls across the table and pot one or two if possible. Pro players often try to keep the white ball remaining central to the table in order to line up their next shots.

While making the break shot– pay due attention to power and technique. It requires a lot of practice to look unforced. Most of the players prefer online pool games apps to practice due to easy accessibility and multiple practice game options.

The Plant

Taking tricky and hard shots doesn’t make anyone an ace player. A player is called professional when they learn how to resolve the problem without complicating it. The same thing should be followed by pool players when it comes to plant shots aka combination shots. It is advised to avoid them if possible as they require to pinpoint accuracy.

Regular players lose at this shot as you’re striking the cue ball at the object ball and then having the object ball contact the third ball, with the intention of potting it. It’s not a child’s play. But if you get it right, huge respect for you. Again, as we said earlier practice makes everyone perfect. To tame these bad boys at tables, switch to pool online game apps like Pool King and flaunt your exceptional skills in front of players across the nation.

The Double

The double shot is one of the most tempting shots for 8 ball pool players.  It’s a tricky shot and often used to pot balls that are difficult to pot into the corner or middle pockets. With a double shot, we do the trick and land the ball into the opposite pocket by shooting it off the cushion. All you require is a great pace and accuracy to nail this shot. It is tricky but easy to take shots. Mind your angels and practice a little and you’re ready to impress or tease anyone during your pool game.  

The Draw Shot

Once you have played pool religiously for some time and have a fair idea about controlling the cue ball spin configurations- give daw shot a try. In this shot, we will be playing along with the backspin. Here, you are wanting to hit the object ball, pot it, and then have the cue ball return pretty much to the same space where it was when you took the shot. We suggest you practice this shot at the online pool tables and screen record them. Once you’re done, you will find out how the shot resembles a boomerang video. The cue ball comes back to the almost same spot from it.

The Cushion Shot

Let’s say cushion or no cushion with this shot you’re doing to nail the ball into the heart of the pocket. Imagine the situation when the object ball is stuck on the cushion and you’re confused about how to glide down the cushion and drop it in.

So, here is the professional tip shared by our pro players- shot as though the cushion doesn’t even exist. Hit the ball at the angle you’d hit it if you were attempting to pot the ball in open play. Now, have the cue ball contact the object ball and cushion simultaneously and at medium velocity and boom, you just made an unhittable shot.

The Massé

If you’re planning to impress some at the pool tables, plan to take a masse shot. It is popular as a curve shot or banana shot used to hit the balls which often look unhittable. To make this flashy shot strike the cue ball with force downwards from an elevated position which will cause it to move forwards and bend. It might sound crazy but once you make this shot every eye would be popping out.

Remember, during the shot you hold the cue perpendicular to the table and then strike the ball. You can rarely practice this shot on online tables but if you’re out for a game day with your friend try this shot and be the pool king of the group.

If you’re determined to break balls at the pool tables, try these superb shots and blow your opponent’s mind. If you’re looking for some mind-blowing online 8 ball games, give Pool King app a try. Win real cash while your favorite pool game.

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