Dos and Don’ts at the Pool Table

dos and don't at the pool tables

Pool is one of the safest sports in the world. It’s a fun way to spend time with your friends. But before you start playing pool, there are a few dos and don’ts that you should be aware of in order to play the game right and become a great player. 

Dos that you should keep in mind while playing pool:

  • Pay Attention and Concentrate: In a pool game, concentration plays an important role. Whenever your opponent is taking a shot, take a step back, and pay attention to their angles. Now try to visualize the strategy of your opponent and plan your next shot accordingly. Such little observations will help you turn the game in your favor. 
  • Your Attire Matters: Dress comfortably so you can easily bend over the pool table and maintain your posture while taking a shot.
  • Learn New Strokes and Practice: It’s always better to stun your opponent with some brand-new shots. Learn different techniques starting from breaking the rack to potting balls placed at difficult angles. Watch, learn and practice to hone your pool skills before you go for a showdown.
  • You Never Lose: Never, ever create a scene when things don’t work in your favor. Be graceful whether you win or lose the game because in both situations you learn something new. It is important to be a good sport and accept the result. 

Don’ts that you should keep in mind while playing pool:

  • No Talc Powder near the Table: There’s a misconception that hand powder is a must in a stick 8 ball pool room. Some places even provide talc cones. But talc gets in the cloth and on the balls, which affects the game and the equipment. Instead, try using a glove. It helps a lot when your hands are extremely sweaty.
  • Keep Food, Drinks and Smokes off the Table: Do not put your drinks or cigarettes on the edge of the table or, in fact, anywhere near the table, that’s just calling for trouble. A little jolt and food or drinks can be all over the table. This will leave a stain on the cloth and cigarettes might roll off and burn the cloth. You must know that replacing the cloth on the pool table is not cheap at all. 
  • Don’t Let Your Ego Affect the Game: If you are way ahead of your opponent in the game, don’t assume that you have already won. And if you are down a few games, don’t get angry or don’t start hitting the ball harder. This will only ruin your game. 

The Pool game is known for etiquettes, style, and intelligence, so it is very important to keep the above-mentioned dos and don’ts in mind while playing the game. These tips and strategies will enhance your play and help you win more games.  

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Happy gaming!

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