How Lockdown Has Had a Positive Impact on the Environment

Due to a surge in COVID-19 cases, many countries, including India, imposed nation-wide lockdown. It was an essential step to curb the spread of the virus. For us, it became the new norm of life. Most of us spent our time playing online games, cooking new delicacies, working from home, binge-watching online series, and whatnot. After 80 days’ lockdown, things are gradually getting back to normal. 

Besides human beings, there is one more thing that has greatly benefited from this lockdown. It is none other than Mother Nature. Since the COVID 19 lockdown started, there have been very positive changes in the environment. As we celebrate World Environment Day today, let us explore the positive impacts of lockdown on the environment.

Before we begin, here is a brief about World Environment Day. It is celebrated on 5th June every year and around 143 countries participate in the celebration. It was first celebrated in 1974 to promote the protection of the environment. The celebration revolves around creating awareness about pressing environmental issues like air pollution, water pollution, global warming, etc. This year the theme of World Environment Day is Biodiversity.

Impact of the Lockdown on the Environment 

Water Quality

Human interaction with the environment has significantly reduced during the lockdown. The manufacturing sector has shut down its operations completely. This had a very positive impact on water quality as chemical wastes are not released into water bodies anymore. Water of rivers, lakes, etc. has become clear, and there is a better water flow. In some areas, fish and other aquatic animals can be seen clearly. Marine life is flourishing due to improved water quality.

Air Quality

In order to contain the virus, the industries were not allowed to function during the lockdown. People had to stay in their homes, so there was no traveling done by car or any other vehicle. This led to a sharp drop in air pollution. The carbon emission reduced significantly and the quality of air improved. Everybody can enjoy the fresh air!

Effect on Vegetation

Not only humans but plants are also benefiting from the lockdown. As the air and water quality has improved, plants and trees are thriving Also, there is less litter and garbage. This reduces the clogging of river systems, which is advantageous to the environment. 

Effect on Wildlife

Due to the lockdown, nobody could go out fishing in the rivers or lakes. This means the fish biomass will increase as over-fishing led to its depletion. Many wild animals were found lurking in the vicinity of urban areas, which is very unusual. Also, sea turtles were found laying eggs in the most unusual places in the city. This is happening due to the lack of human interference.

To sum it up, there has been a positive impact of the lockdown on the environment globally. We can and should preserve the environment by doing our bit even in post-pandemic times. Pool King encourages everyone to plant a tree and ride a bicycle to work. Let’s protect Mother Nature as we have got only one home!

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