8 ball pool real cash game

3 Simple Hacks to Pot Like a Pro in online 8 Ball Pool

Online pool is relatively different from playing the real-world version of the game, and even though the physics is the same, but the approach to acing it is a tad…

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23 World Champion, Pankaj Advani Opens The Cue School

Twenty-three and counting. That’s Billiard champ, Pankaj Advani, for us. India’s ace cueist Pankaj Advani added another glorious victory to his treasure recently by ousting Venkatesham of RSPB to enter…

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The BEST way to play Pool is this – Find out!

For a lot of us, 8 ball pool game used to work as therapy. Going to pool parlors with friends was a ritual to be followed every evening or Sunday….

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8 Ball Pool Real Money Game

8 Ball Pool Real Money Game: Have You Experienced Pool King Yet?

Most of us love playing 8 ball pool but it becomes double the fun when you can actually have fun and win real money. And we are not talking about…

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5 Reasons Why Online Pool Is Better Than Offline Pool

90s kids have spent most of their leisure time while standing in pool parlor queues. They all stayed glued to the same spot for hours as they believed pool players…

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History of 8 Ball Pool Game

When was the Pool Game Invented: A Walk Down Memory Lane

Pool is a  social game that most of us already play with friends and family. However, did you know that the game of pool goes a long time back? Origin…

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Difference between Pool, Snooker and Billiards

Pool, Snooker and Billiards all fall in the category of skill games. They are played balls and sticks called cues or cue sticks. They all appear to be similar but…

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Focus on the cue ball and the cue stick will do the tricks. The game of 8-ball pool is not a new game. It is one of the most commonly…

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3 Good Reasons To Play Pool More Often

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t like playing pool; it’s one of the most exciting games around. Not only is the game, high on social quotient; it’s one of the…

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