Pool Equipment and Accessories

Pool is a popular cue sport played by millions of people across the globe. It offers an exhilarating experience to players. In this age of advanced technology, you can play pool games online. Yes, you heard that right! Online 8 ball pool games like Pool King are available on the web and as mobile apps. You can download a pool app and enter the world of unlimited fun! 

Whether you play online or in the real world, the 8 ball pool game remains the same. It is played on a pool table using 15 object balls (numbered 1 to 15), a cue ball and a cue stick. The player who successfully pots all his/her designated balls followed by the 8 ball (black ball) wins the game. 

In online pool games, players have limited accessories to use whereas in real-world pool, different pieces of equipment can be used to improve your overall gaming experience. Read on to learn more about pool equipment and pool table accessories.

Pool Table: The pool game is played on a pool table, which is rectangular in shape and has six pockets: one pocket at each corner and one in the middle of the table along the rail on each side.  Players have to move around the table and hit the balls into the pockets using a cue stick and the cue ball. Across the perimeter of the table, there is a wall called the rail along with a rubber cushion that keeps the balls in the playing surface. 

Pool tables are available in different sizes. It is essential to pick the right size to ensure smooth gameplay. The standard pool table size ranges from 3.5 feet x 7 feet to 4.5 feet x 9 feet.

Pool Cues: The cue stick is essential equipment for pool games. It is used to strike the cue ball and pocket the object balls. Cues have a tapering body and are made of wood, which is covered by a bonded material. They are 59 inches (150 cm) long and weigh around 17 to 21 ounces. The diameter of the tip ranges from 10 to 14 mm. The length of the cue depends upon a player’s height.

Pool Balls: Every pool enthusiast loves the sound of pool balls striking each other. A pool ball set in the game of 8 ball pool consists of 15 object balls numbered through 1 to 15 and a white cue ball. The object balls are available in different colors. Single color balls are called solids and striped balls are called stripes. The black ball numbered 8 is called the 8 ball. Pool balls are arranged on the table using a rack (a triangular frame). The player playing the very first shot has to break the rack. The diameter of each ball ranges from 2.35 mm to 2.75 mm.

Rack: A rack is a triangular frame used to arrange the object balls on the table at the beginning of the game. It can hold all 15 balls, and it is usually made of wood or maple. 

Pool Table Covers: Pool table covers are used to safeguard the table from dust and impurities. They are quite effective in protecting pool tables from extreme sunlight exposure. Different materials used in pool covers include PVC and leather. 

Cue Rack: A cue rack is essential to keep your cues organized and protected. A two-piece cue rack will keep the stick in good condition. 

Cue Tips: A cue tip transfers the energy from the stick to the cue ball to deliver the accurate speed and spin. A cue tip may be hard or soft, depending on your style of play.

Cue Chalk: Many players underestimate the importance of cue chalk but it helps improve the connection between the cue tip and the ball. The chalk is applied to the cue tip to add friction. It will prevent the sliding of the cue ball and aim the shot perfectly.

Pool Table Lighting: A pool table lighting is installed overhead to illuminate a dark space and helps you play shots well. It will also enhance your overall gaming experience. 

Scoreboard: This is the most ignored pool table accessory. But it is really helpful to keep a track of the score. A scoreboard is usually made of wood or oak, and it is available in different sizes. Small boards are preferred for two-player pool games.

Want to experience the thrill of playing pool games but don’t have the equipment and accessories? No worries. Just download the Pool King app and have unlimited fun playing pool online! Happy gaming!

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