Spot Your Favorite Cartoon with the Cue Stick

Going back to childhood days is not possible, but reliving your sweet childhood by reviving your sweetest memories is easy. And it’s the best therapy in the current situation. Remember the time when you used to sit at the same spot the entire afternoon glued to the television screen to watch your favorite cartoon character? Today you will be revisiting the same memories and see how your favorite cartoon or animated character used to play your current favorite game.

So read on and spot your favorite cartoon character with a cue stick.

#1 Donald Duck

Whether he knows how to play billiards, pool or snooker or not, Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land 1959 beautifully explained the magic of mathematical calculations in a billiard game. The movie was a great success and got a nomination for an Academy Award too. Even before actually playing 8 ball pool games, we were already in love with the image of Donald Duck holding a cue stick.

#2 Tom & Jerry

Tom and Jerry are one of the all-time favorite cartoon duos. Tom landing himself in problems with his stupid mistakes and Jerry outwitting everyone with his mischievous activities will remain etched in our memories forever. Let’s go back to the scene where Jerry is having a sweet slumber down the pocket of a billiard table and Tom takes a strike. The ball rolls and bam! We all know what happened next.

#3 Fred Flintstone

Yabba dabba doo! Twinkletoes is famous for its dance parties, bowling, and golf games. But our most favorite caveman, Fred, looks dapper with a cue stick. Rolling the stone balls on stone-carved tables with a slightly crooked stick gives pool game a very raw and rustic avatar.

 #4 Captain America

A call-out to all the DC and Marvel lovers — you all remember your favorite animated characters collide in the pool hall. Remember how Captain America takes out a moment and puts down his shield to pick the cue stick for an 8 ball pool game. The stance and grip of Captain America changed the game of pool and billiards for us.

#5 Rainbow Fish

Who remembers Wanda’s Café from the Pool Shark episode of Rainbow Fish? Chomper’s cousin Slick comes and visits his favorite place, which now has a brand-new dazzling pool table. The match there was less about skills and more about cheating and spams. But all is fair when it comes to bringing joy to our little Rainbow’s face.

We hope you spotted your favorite cartoon character on the list. It was great revisiting the good old days and refreshing the memories of your favorite characters’ association with your favorite pool game. You can’t go back in time but certainly can have the best pool experience on India’s best online pool app, Pool King. Happy gaming!

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