Tips to Keep Your Pool Cue in Good Condition

Pool Cue Maintenance

Your pool cue is the heart of the game. Every player of the sport takes care of their cues like it’s their baby. You should know the proper way to maintain your pool cue sticks. You play 8 ball pool online or offline but always look into the angles and force to protect your cue from wearing off.

Pool cues are made of wood, and we know for a fact that wood needs to be maintained and taken care of properly so that it lasts for a longer period of time. It does not matter how expensive the cue may be — it’s going to need your attention to last as long as it should. The shaft and the tip are the two parts of the pool cue that need the most maintenance.

Keeping your cue in good condition should be your top priority if you are a pool game lover. Of course, learning and acing the game should be your first priority. Use these tips to keep your pool cues in good condition, so you have full control over every shot.

Say No to the Sun:

Checking a pool cue for warping is a necessary tool for any pool cue owner, as you want to make sure your stick is in excellent shape. And you know the sun warps wood. That is why it is advisable to keep your cues away from the sun if you want them to stay straight. It is one of the ways to good pool cue maintenance.

Don’t Let Your Pool Cue Get Wet:

Some people wash their pool cues with soap and water to remove residue of chalk as well as the oil and dust that the cue gets from their palms. Don’t do that; instead, you can use a paper towel and wrap it around the pool cue. Then quickly move it up and down the shaft to create heat. This will force the dirt to come off, and you’ll be left with a much cleaner pool cue. 

Get a Cue Case:

Cue cases are supposed to maintain the temperature of the pool cue so that it doesn’t warp over time. You can carry the cue case like a bag as well and take it anywhere securely. This will protect the cue from falls, spills, and other potential dangers.

Get New Tips If Needed:

If your shots start to lack spin or if you hear a cracking sound, you should consider buying new tips. 

Many people aren’t aware of how crucial a cue stick really is. The entire game of 8 ball pool game is played with the help of the cue. If the cue is not maintained properly, it can affect your play. Following these tips on how to maintain a pool cue stick will not just make your pool cue last longer but also help you to play better.

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