Top 5 Reasons To Play Pool

Last week, we spotted a gaming zone with a sign “Pool Players Wanted,” and it got us thinking of how the online world has transformed the way we enjoy playing games. We hope you never have to go through such a situation as we’ve hundreds of players playing online pool 24×7. With zero waiting time, it got us thinking about why people love and play 8 ball pool so much. After listening from our top-performing players, we have curated a list of top 5 reasons why they love playing pool and what makes their gaming experience on Pool King special.


We all are competitive by nature. Online pool games are a great mode of entertainment source which satisfies our competitive spirit. Pool King gives the chance to compete with the best pool players in India. Thus, every victory on Pool King is special and makes players feel special. Daily Leaderboard, Weekly Leaderboard, and Monthly Leaderboard are few of the very popular competition modes on the Pool King app.

Social Bonding

The pandemic has made it mandatory to practice social distancing, which in return has severely affected the social bonding of human beings. Pool games on online apps like Pool King helps you to practice your regular schedule. Now, you don’t have to postpone your weekend pool plans due to safety reasons. Also, you can refer your friends to the Pool King app and share Rs. 100 free cash bonus with that. Isn’t that amazing!


This might sound off, but a lot of players have found their way out of chaos while playing pool. It helps them to relax and focus when everything seems out of control. When you’re trying to pot a ball, you have to bring all your attention to the table. By this, you can distract your mind from disturbing elements and put your mind and energy into something more comforting.

To Win Cash

You play it for fun, but it’s undeniable that winning cash while playing pool online is the best feeling. Pool King app has a bagful of options to win more cash. You can make your choice from different promotions like daily bonus offers, leaderboard cash prizes, spin the wheel, and RAF.

Entertainment, Entertainment & Only Entertainment

Our top players shared that their day is incomplete without a great online pool game with friends. It helps you to chill after a long day at work. It helps you escape from the hectic schedules and monotonous daily activities. The best part of online pool games is you can play them from the comfort of your home. You don’t need to worry about calling your friends to meet at the pool parlors. On the Pool King app, you can have a fun-filled pool game sessions 24×7 without any worry or trouble.  

If you feel we haven’t included your reason to pool, feel free to share them in comments and we’ll gladly post them in our next pool blog. Till then keep potting balls!

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