When was the Pool Game Invented: A Walk Down Memory Lane

History of 8 Ball Pool Game

Pool is a  social game that most of us already play with friends and family. However, did you know that the game of pool goes a long time back?

Origin of the Pool Game

Pool is one of the most loved games in the world and was first discovered in the 15th century and was mostly played by the kings. It mostly began in Europe as an outdoor game before making the switch to becoming an indoor sport. 

Pool falls under the category of cue sports, also referred to as billiard sports and belongs to the family of games which makes use of a cue stick. 

Throughout history, the term Billiards has been used to define any game that falls under this category; however, with time it got branched out into the forms that we know of today.  

What are the 3 Major Subdivisions of the Games within Cue Sports?

  • The first subdivision is called Carrom Billiards which basically refers to games that are played on tables without pockets. These games include balkline and straight rail, cushion carroms, three-cushion billiards, artistic billiards, and four-ball.
  • The second subdivision is called Pool which covers a plethora of pocket billiard games commonly played on six-pocket tables typically ranging between 7-9 foot long. Moreover, it also includes one of the most loved games in the world, the 8 ball pool game apart from the 9 ball and 10 ball games.
  • The third subdivision is the Snooker, English billiards and the Russian pyramid played on a billiards table with six pockets known as a snooker table typically with a dimension of 12 ft by 6 ft. 

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Towards the 17th century the outdoor version of the game died out and games such as golf and bowling became more popular; with pool acquiring its place as one of the most popular indoor games. 

Another interesting fact is that the cue with which the game is played today wasn’t developed until 1800, as earlier the game was played using a mace. 

Moreover, in the earlier version, the balls in an 8 ball game were crafted out of wood and clay, with the rich ones preferring balls made of ivory instead. 

Today, cue sports are subject to a set of rules and guidelines and are played internationally in professionally held competitions.

The games are exceptionally popular among people across all age groups and what once started as a game for the novelty is now a game enjoyed by one and all. 

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