How to Play 8 Ball Pool Games on Pool King?

Pool is one of the most loved games in the world, and it's played by millions of players every day across the globe. On Pool King, you can enjoy the game of 8 Ball Pool with your friends as well as compete against players from all over the world and win big cash prizes!

If you are new to online pool gaming, this guide will help you learn the game quickly and play it like a pro in no time.

Step 1: Download the Pool King App and log in with your Facebook account or Pool King game account. Alternatively, you can play as a Guest.

8 ball pool king game login options

Step 2: Choose from a wide variety of game rooms that have varying entry fees and play the 8 ball pool game of your choice.

Pool King game rooms

Step 3: You will be playing against a player whose skill level matches exactly yours: PoolKing offers perfect player pairing.

Perfect player pairing

Step 4: If you are breaking (making the first move), drag the cue stick sideways with your finger to target a ball.

8 Pool Screen

Step 5: Target and adjust the hit spot of the cue ball. This allows you to shoot the cue ball in the direction you want and hit the object ball.

Spin the cue ball

Step 6: Drag the cue stick backward to control shooting power and then release it to shoot.

Pool Stick to control

Step 7: Apart from the cue ball, there are three types of balls, called Solids (unstriped single-color balls), Stripes (colored balls with stripes on them) and a black ball with "8" written on it, which is to be pocketed after all one's balls. The first ball you or your opponent pockets (whoever pockets a ball first) will determine which balls you will play with. For example, if you pocket one of the Stripes, you will have to pocket all the Stripes before pocketing the black ball.

Target balls in games

Step 8: If you pocket all your balls and the black ball before your opponent does theirs, you win the game.

Win game and cash

Now, download the Pool King app and enjoy playing thrilling 8 Ball Pool games anywhere, anytime!